G8 Education

Welcome to the G8 Education Shopping Cart. Here you will find a range of items relating to your brand. This site caters for both free and paid for items.

Payment methods will include VISA and Mastercard through PayPal.

NOTE: Your Centre Company Credit Card is not to be used for payment of uniforms. Staff wishing to purchase items must use their own Credit Card or Paypal account. For Directors’ ordering first items free, no cost will appear so there is no need to use the Company Credit Card. Using your Company Credit Card to order uniforms will result in a strike.

NOTE: Operations Managers and Senior Operations Managers are entitled to ONE name badge, ONE shirt, ONE jacket and either ONE dress, skirt or men’s pants for first order free items. All additional uniforms will need to be ordered and paid for by the individual. Please refer to the updated Grooming and Hygiene Policy on Jigsaw.

If you have any difficulty using this page please contact your friendly marketing team at store@g8education.edu.au . Happy shopping!